Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kat Von D Palette-Poetica

Kat Von D Palettes are slowly becoming my favorites, this one being no exception.  I picked this up before Christmas and JUST NOW got around to swatching it and using it.  Today will be a swatch and tell.  I will show you swatches of the product and give a little review.  Then within the next few days I will be putting up a look I did with using just this palette for eye shadow.  On to the swatch festtttt.
This is the new metal palette type the have, it springs open fairly quickly and that can be somewhat of a hassle but its pretty sturdy.
Just a close up on the name here for ya.
All of the color names are listed on the back. (From T to B-Forgiveness, Sand Timer, Chandler, Tijuana, Wonderland, Shiba, Babe, You alone)
The beautifullll shadows
This makes it so they are in the same order as I listed them, from the back of the palette
All of them swatched on my arm.  This is upside down from the previous order they were in, sorry if thats confusing!  The left side is swatched dry, and the right side is with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk underneath.
(From L to R-Forgiveness, Sand Timer, Chandler and Tijuana)
Finger swatches in the same order as above
(From L to R-Wonderland, Shiba, Babe, and You Alone)
Finger swatches in the same order as above

Soooo about this product?  I love this palette.  Sand Timer is a little less pigmented than most of them, and You alone is very very sheer when blended out.  The rest of them are creamy and richly pigmented.  Babe is in a similar formulation as Stars and Rockets from MAC.  It has that Purple/blue/blurple/pinkish/duochromey goodness when over white or black.  Tijuana is probably my favorite shadow out of allll of them, love the golden, orange glitter in the pure black base.

This originally came with a Kat Von D mini eyeliner, in the black color.  I have since already used all of this up, long before my blog came along...so sorry for that!

I got this palette shortly before Christmas at Sephora for $38 dollars.  I do normally see them go on sale for $24ish after they have been out for awhile, so keep your eyes open!

As I said, I will be posting a look later this week using nothing but this palette for eye shadow.  So be on the look out for that!

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Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of this palette from my swatches, or if you own it!  

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  1. Wow this palette is very pretty.

  2. I love this palette. It's on my wishlist <3

  3. I love Kat von D and it is a great post. I have a blog too, we should follow each other, don't you think? :))


    1. Possibly :) I'll check out your blog right now!

  4. Great shades :)
    Love your blog :) I am your new follower.

    1. Thanks so much, I just followed your blog as well.

  5. I love the pigmentation of those colors! My favorite would have to be the purple. :)

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  6. The dark plummy purple looks gorgeous. Great post:)

  7. New follower here from http://empirestatebeautyqueen.blogspot.com/ I can't wait to purchase this palette. I've read a lot of reviews and yours is the best by far. Keep up the good work...xo-Chelise. P.S. Stop by my page soon I will be hosting a giveaway well actually 2 ;)

  8. looks like such a lovely pallet

    I just followed your lovely blog :o)

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  9. Such a beautiful pallet!


  10. i have heard so many good things about kat von d i wish i could find it hear in the uk as it looks so pretty.


  11. What beautiful colors! Great post xoxo

  12. If I didn't allready own SO many eyeshadows, I would be all over this! - I love purple-y colours, I think they make my eyes look even greener :)

  13. Hi there:) I am so sorry that I didn't see your comment on my blog til now!!! I am happy to follow your blog, and thank you for popping by and following mine. I am enjoying reading yours!! oxo Care Caresbeautybar.blogspot.com