Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First post, weeee

My first couple of blogs will be nails of the day, so to speak. I think this is a good idea to get the feel for my blog and start off with a couple of posts that will be simple, yet informative (I hope!) Soooo, today will be about a nail look I did a few weeks ago. It is a dark, swampy green with rainbow reflective glitter on just the tips. Putting the glitter on just the tips gives the polish a more “manicured” look and the polish I have looks a lot like rhinestones when applied like this.

The Green that I used for this look is Suvi by Zoya, a very dark green with green micro glitter. It has more of a frosted finish than a glittery one. When you first apply the polish, it has a light black base that the glitter almost sits in, but after about 2 coats it turns into the green you see from the bottle. The first layer is very sheer but once you get that second coat on, it fills in quite nicely. I got this polish when Zoya was having their deal that if you paid shipping cost, you got 3 polishes for free. So I have had this for a long time now and just got around to actually using it. I am very pleased with the results.

The rainbow, holographic, amazing, spectacular top coat that I put on the tips of my nails is called Frost yourself by Icings. I received this polish for Christmas from my best friend in a four pack of amazing glitter polishes. Icings polish gets a bad rep sometimes because of where it comes from, but I personally own a lot of Icings (mainly because of the best friend working in said store) and because I do like the formula on most of them. This polish has a mixture of hexagonal silver glitter and smaller circular silver glitter in a clear base. It gives off the most amazing sparkle and it can’t even come close to be caught in pictures. After seeing the glitter from Electropop by China Glaze, they look very similar. I think you could get away with this one, at the cheaper price and still have the same effect. (I have not swatched the glitter from Electropop so I’m not sure on how thick the glitter applies compared to Frost Yourself)
I love the way this looks with the glitter only on the tips, and since I have done this same concept with different colors and glitters. I think it is just a simple look that is eye-catching. My pictures don’t do it justice, but this is a gorgeous combination!

Always will be,


  1. That glitter is so pretty! It looks so cool on the tips. By the way, I followed you back, cool blog you have. :]