Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fly Shatter

Obviously I am on a nail polish kick here, since apparently it’s the only thing I know lately so why not make another blog post about nail polish, weeeee!

I love the colors that came out with the Nicki Minaj O.P.I collection but the two that caught my eye the most were Fly and the Super Bass Shatter.
Fly is the teal, creamy polish and let me say officially I LOVE THIS!!! This is probably one of my favorite polishes in my whole collection. It is super creamy, opaque and beautiful. I love the formulation, the brush and how it applies. It goes on very smooth and I could have gotten away with only one coat, even though I went with two just to be on the safe side. I was debating on getting this polish because I thought I could possibly find something similar while I was in Ulta. I went looking all up and down the nail polishes and could not find a single polish that looked even close to this one. I knew I had to have it, even though I’m not usually an O.P.I fan, because of the price. Boy am I happy I actually bought this one.

The other one that I bought was the Super Bass Shatter. I bought this one after seeing sayanythingbr00ke review it on her YouTube channel. I thought it was gorgeous and could have so many possibilities for layering. I ended up going home the night I bought these two and put them on together and WHOA BABY did I love the look I ended up with. The shatter has a very good “shattering” effect, which makes this girl a happy girl. The light blue, green, teal amazingness underneath the sparkly pink, purple, goldish shatter was a look that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. I wore this for a few days before the tips started to wear, and then I just replaced it with just two coats of Fly on its own. I wore this around until it was almost completely chipped off my nails (tacky, I know)

I would wear this color every day if I didn’t have so many choices that I wanted to wear all the time. I keep having to stop myself from picking this color when I go to do my nails (bad Justine, use something new!) I think I might even go get another one, just so I have a back up.

I purchased mine from Ulta at $8.50 a piece, soooo worth it in my opinion. Just look at that teal! Uh, okay, I’m done drooling now.

Always will be,


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    - Cami

  2. Opi fly was on my wish list and after your review. I must have it!!

    1. I love it so much. Defiantly go get it, like right now!

    2. you should check out save me from the same collection, it is one of the craziest glitters I've seen.

  3. I have the 4 mini Nikki Minaj polishes and I LOVE Fly! I don't have the shatter one though and it looks really good in your pics! Great blog :)